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A brief overview

Why train your dog?

Dogs. We all love them, especially when they're a vital part of our family.
There's no better feeling than coming home after a long day and being greeted by a furry pup that's happy to see you come through that front door. At The Clever Canine, we strive to extend those great moments throughout the course of the day so that you and your dog can communicate effectively and enjoy all the new adventures life has to offer!

Jump start your dog training journey by reaching out to us here!

  • Basic Obedience

    Helping your dog understand what you want and need

  • Positive Teaching

    Positive dog training means results that last the test of time

  • Mental Workout

    Working together regularly provides unmatched mental stimulation

  • Bond Building

    Working with your dog helps develop a strong bond, leaving the two of you happy - it's a win-win!

  • Trick Training

    Proving that even old dogs can learn new tricks

it's time to

Meet The Team

Lisa has been training since she was 16 years old, when she read her first dog training book and was able to put it all into action.
Dog training has been her passion for 15+ years, and she makes it her mission to help you and your dog accomplish everything you dreamed of.
Together, with her training companians and partners in crime, you'll have a dog training experience like no other.

  • Lisa Winslow Owner/Dog Trainer
  • Jonas Cooper The Goofy Goob
  • Jackson Cole The Clever Boy
  • Jupiter Cait The Social Butterfly


What Our Customers Say

  • "Lisa has such an amazing ability to work with dogs, I am amazed at the progress I have seen her make with dogs you would never think could focus. You can tell that dogs not only respect her, but they love her to pieces! It is rare to find a dog trainer that relies on positivity and making sure the dog is happy and comfortable. I would highly recommend Lisa’s training services."

    Hannah H.
  • "Having a great talent is only part of what makes Lisa so wonderful; her passion for puppers completes the package. Do not hesitate to choose The Clever Canine. Lisa will win over both your heart and your furry child's."

    Tai C.
  • "Lisa worked with myself and my miniature Dachshund on the basics. It did not take Frank long to learn how to walk by my side without pulling, to sit, stay and lay down. We even did trainings to learn leave it and Frank will not go after a treat laid in front of him until given the command to do so. I am extremely pleased with the results especially working with a normally stubborn break of dog. I would recommend The Clever Canine to anyone that is looking to develop a closer bond with their pup and have a bit of structure in that relationship too!"

    Andrew M.
  • "Lisa is a wonderful person and awesome trainer! I have learned so much from her! She was so patient with me and my dog Macy when working on Macy’s leash reactivity! I would totally recommend her!"

    Tiffany R.
  • "Lisa is one of the best trainers in the Triad! She has helped me understand and train our high-energy Sheltie. Her professionalism, experience, and patience are second to none. She is personable, intelligent, committed, and a lovely person. Without hesitation we highly recommend The Clever Canine!"

    Susan F.
  • "Lisa is incredible! Her understanding of pups and how they learn really makes a difference!! She was so patient and her positive methods helped me learn how to be a better pet parent and canine communicator!"

    Leslie C.
  • "Wonderfully patient. The Clever Canine works on both short-term goals and long term results. We highly recommend."

    Janine C.
  • "Lisa is fantastic! She is patient with every dog she trains, and can tailor her training to each dog, regardless of their previous level of training."

    Rebecca G.
  • "Lisa has worked with our beagle puppy for almost 4 years and she's been the best teacher ever!! She's patient, loving, compassionate and totally understands our dog. But best of all, Lisa understands my husband and I who are older puppy parents and just a little bit over protective. She has walked us through many issues we've had over the years with our beagle and I can honestly say I trust Lisa with every suggestion and recommendation."

    Beth B.

about us

The Clever Canine: Training Paws for a Cause

"Training Paws for a Cause" is our motto and we happily stand by it. The cause is not only your journey with your dog, but our dedication to supporting local charities. A portion of all profits donated to local rescues, guaranteed.

Why not offer classes to address rude behaviors?

  • I love working one-on-one with clients and their dogs
  • Training in the comfort of your own home means that I travel to you, and we work on training in the environment your dog is most comfortable in
  • Solo sessions allow me to focus on each dog's individual needs, especially as they mature

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